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What is CROSS47?

A ristorante where you can enjoy “flavors from Japan and all over the globe” using quality produces from Okinawa as the main ingredients.

We offer a fine selection of mainly Italian wine, consisting of over 50 different brands, and advice on the best pairings with our food.


Great taste and fun times are nothing new to offer; we want people and things to “cross” interact, creating new stories and valuable times.


Ristorante e Festival “CROSS47” was established as a stage for romantic and beautiful moments, as a contributor to society through supporting local foods and cultures, and as a new “communal food lounge” of Naha, Okinawa.


Why 47?

The number 47 is the prefecture code of Okinawa.

While it reflects our strong wish to remain local and down to earth, it also shows our determination to use fine quality ingredients from all 47 prefectures of Japan, and to become an intersection where people and things “cross” each other.

How to enjoy

Learn from the Italians; try a chic aperitivo or drop by for a casual drink and bite in your own company. We have a vineria (50 brands always available) where you can enjoy a glass of valuable wines and digestifs.

The divine scents of Italian cuisine travel from the open kitchen structure into the main dining hall (seats 50.)

We offer six counter seats in front of a teppan grill just like in Chef’s Table; for these special seats, reservations are required. Our large (max. 12 people) and small (max. six people) private rooms are perfect for business dinners or family gatherings, and these rooms allow up to 18 people when connected.

Our complete facilities and floor space make company parties and private events like wedding receptions remarkable, with either standing or seated dining.


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